Thursday, 5 March 2015

Paul Olsen of Denver : Commercial and Residential Landscaping Design Company

Paul Olsen Denver and the Company Broker Group are devoted to finding win-win situations for their clients, helping smooth business transitions take place and harboring a strong foundation of consistently pleased buyers and sellers. They are currently featuring a 29 year-old full service commercial and residential landscaping design company.

This particular deal is a great one for any prospective buyers, as the purchase only requires $350 k down and the buyer will immediately get $350 k in assets, trucks and equipment, with a debt-free start to an already well-operating business. The cash flow f the business is at approximately $160,000 per year with sales averaging around $750,000 annually over the last several years.

They are one of the top high-end landscape installation and maintenance companies in the whole Denver metro area. There is plenty of potential to grow and expand the company, however one or two hundred thousand dollars in working capital would give it the boost it needs to take on bigger jobs on a wider scale.

In order to help with the transition to ownership, the seller is also committed to staying on for many months until a smooth transition has been ensured and that long-term customers continue their business with the company.

Paul Olsen Denver and CBG can be reached at their home office, which is located at 999 18th St. Suite 3000, Denver, CO 80202. Their phone number is 303-382-1900 and their fax number is 815-301-3483.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Paul Olsen of Denver - Business Seminars

Paul Olsen Denver is a seasoned professional in business consulting, brokering and acquisitions. He and the skilled team at Company Broker Group share their wisdom through hosting the “Essential Steps in the Sale of a Colorado-Owned Business” seminars for free to those who want to learn more about selling their enterprises and negotiating the best deals possible. 

Paul Olsen Denver

Spots often fill up at these helpful seminars, which cap out at 25 crowd members per seminar in order to ensure an intimate learning experience for all of the participants that will acknowledge each of their personal inquiries. Company Broker Group offers this hassle-free, no strings attached seminar without the goal of selling anything, but rather help provide you with helpful resources to use on the day that you plan on selling your own business. 

According to Paul Olsen of Denver and his team at Company Broker Group, there are two types of business owners who regularly attend these seminars. First, there are those who plan on selling their businesses in the near future and want to be as prepared as possible. Second, there are those who are not yet considering the sale of their company, but want to be well-prepared for when that day comes. 

The seminars cover a number of topics, including business valuation review, taxes, financing for buyers, risks of litigation, legal documents and finally how to prepare, package and sell your business. To sign up for the next seminar, please call CBG at 303-382-1900 or send an e-mail to

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