Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Company Broker Group: Bringing the Whole Thing to Life

Company Broker Group is Colorado's premier brokerage for business sales in Denver. They have led hundreds of Colorado business owners get a clear understanding of the selling process, including how to maximize the value of the business so that they get as much money as possible from selling it.
"We are the only broker we know of that uses a private video of the company, detailing the entire offering, so that you do not have to meet with time-wasting tire-kickers and lookie-loos," says company owner Paul Olsen. Using video is known to create advantages that can't be found anywhere else, presenting a memorable and lasting connection. The Company Broker Group approach, he explains, "help a buyer quickly and remotely become aware of the offering, and how they may or may not be a good fit for the business."
Video has a way of bringing the whole thing to life. A lot of written copy becomes boring and stale, even to serious would-be buyers. Video content is much more memorable. Even worse is the on-site walk throughs that many other business brokers and mergers and acquisitions professionals use to show a business. "These dog and pony shows can be very taxing on your business, can consume an incredible amount of time, and often tip off your employees or customers or even suppliers that you are selling your business."
And that is what makes the use of video such a potent tool. "We use one comprehensive video that is completed in a detailed meeting, and then we are done collecting information," Paul Olsen says. "This completely avoids a parade coming through your office wanting to see your operation and how you run your business."
Shawn Hagerty, who owned Avante Telecom in Denver, believes the video produced by Company Broker Group lent a personal touch to the sale of his company that might not otherwise have been there. And he says his experiences with Paul Olsen Denver and CBG were nothing short of amazing. "Paul came in and told me exactly what he was doing [and] we agreed on a contract," he recalled. "He said it might take three or four months [to sell the business]. Actually, it got done in thirty days. I had fifteen to twenty people who were interested right off the bat ... a lot of the success is attributed to the fact that the video helped buyers get a good understanding of the company, and myself, as well."
One of the reasons it went so quickly was that only serious buyers were ever even made aware that Avante Telecom was up for sale. He didn't want to waste any time, because he still had a business to run. And to his great satisfaction, he ended up selling his business at twice the asking price.
Finding the perfect buyer for a business can be challenging or even impossible using traditional methods of meeting with potential buyers one at a time. The Company Broker Group method privately and quietly presents businesses for sale in the most effective and efficient way possible, and the company's success is powerful evidence that it works.

Paul Olsen from Denver - What Businesses Can Learn from Baseball

One of the many unwritten rules of baseball is that a manager always defends and supports his players. The reason managers go ballistic during baseball games over bad calls is because they have to step in and defend his player from the injustice of the umpire. As a business manager, you can learn much from baseball managers. Just like a manager, you have to be willing to go to bat for your players. You run the business and make the managerial decisions—the lineup card, so to speak—but they have to make it happen every day. Support them and they will work hard for you.

It’s easy to run a business if you have talented employees who work hard for you, just like winning is easy for a talented and motivated Major League Baseball team. Businesses get into trouble when they try to push their workers too hard and don’t give them the sense that they are respected by their superiors. When handling any kind of employee complaint or issue of any kind, remember to treat them with respect and kindness, and they will return the favor by producing for your business.

Paul Olsen has spent the last 25 years in Denver helping businesses run better. He and his associates at the Company Broker Group are always committed to moving businesses and helping them operate at maximum profitability. Olsen and the Company Broker Group operate throughout the greater Denver area, allowing many business owners to become more successful quicker.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Company Broker Group: Skill and Professionalism

Every owner of a successful company will eventually be faced with deciding whether the time has come to sell the business. But selling a business is a discipline in and of itself; the selling process is filled with pitfalls.

So when the time to sell arrives, many business owners seek out the services of a business broker. And Craig Johnson, a business transaction attorney with nearly thirty years of experience, says that he has always been impressed by the skill and professionalism of Paul Olsen and the Company Broker Group.

"Paul Olsen is by far the best business broker I've ever come into contact with and have dealt with. Paul is one hundred percent capable. He's a professional from the word Go. He works a deal until it is completed and closed; he holds the line for the sales price for his sellers, and advocates every possible position for the people he represents to try to get the most out of the transaction for them as possible. Paul is one hundred percent honest. He returns his calls. He is attentive to his clients. He deals with other professionals, and the other parties in a very competent and professional way. And I could not recommend him more highly to sell a business."

Paul Olsen Denver is a veteran deal maker who over the last twenty years has assisted Colorado business owners in many areas of business, including selling them, tax strategies and transfers, business valuations, and building wealth within a company for when the time comes to sell. "However," he says, "since 2003 I have operated almost exclusively as a licensed business broker and mergers and acquisitions professional."
He understands that when a business owner finally makes that decision to sell, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Keeping it under the wraps is important because news that a business in on the selling block can make employees nervous, and have negative reactions among customers suppliers, and creditors. It can also lead to aggressive reactions from competitors that could cause a decrease in the company's value, just as the seller needs it to be at its strongest.

Paul Olsen and Company Brokers Group counters this by using a private video of the company that spells out every aspect of the sale offering. This means that potential buyers can quickly and remotely become aware for the offering and how they may or may not be a good fit for the business, minimizing the chances of news of the sale being made public before the owner wants it to.

Company Broker Group has used these private videos for more than ten years now, and with great success. "Our videos are an excellent tool to show all the details of the transaction that [buyers] seek, and the upside potential of the business to a a few select buyers that we have reached out to confidentially. We are the only business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions firm in Colorado or the entire Rocky Mountain Region that we know of, that uses video to privately and quietly present a business sale to prospective buyers."

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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Paul Olsen Denver - Give Best Value of your Business

Paul Olsen Denver helps entrepreneurs discover more esteem in their organizations. He prompts them on the most proficient method to handle the exchange of their business to another gathering. Olsen additionally helps proprietors exchange their business to relatives, for example, youngsters and mates. With the numerous legitimate and business issues encompassing a business exchange, Olsen has the capacity help his customers see their way through it and locate a wonderful and beneficial promising finish to the present course of action. While it might be troublesome for his customers to release their organizations, huge numbers of whom have been attempting to develop their organizations for a considerable length of time in the Denver zone, Paul Olsen Denver discovers them the best arrangement for the greater part of their diligent work with the goal that they will be exceptionally remunerated for their long years of exertion.

Paul Olsen of Denver guarantees his customers that their diligent work won't be futile. He charges a reasonable cost for his protected transactions and different administrations, and he finds himself able to reliably locate the best values for the majority of his customers and their organizations. Olsen is an owner of Company Broker Group, a neighborhood business financier with associations with the majority of the significant business players in the Denver range. Olsen utilizes his incomprehensible system of entrepreneurs and counselors to make a business enthusiasm for his customers' organizations. Olsen's experience and information of how best to produce intrigue and make esteem for organizations is unparalleled in the Denver zone. He needs to be known as the best business representative in the territory.
The reason that Paul Olsen decided to move to Denver was a direct result of its endless potential for development in the mid nineties and its solid accentuation on wellness and enterprise. Olsen moved to Denver in 1990 and says that he adores the solid association between the area and the normal excellence that plagues the range. Olsen loves to run, ski, climb, and knapsack in the excellent characteristic zones that encompass the more prominent Denver territory. Olsen lives with his wife and family near the mountains, where he adores to encounter the ferocity of the range around him as much as he can.
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Monday, 10 August 2015

Paul Olsen Denver: Handling a Team of Business Brokers

Paul Olsen Denver heads a group of business agents and partners committed to discovering the best open doors for the greater part of his customers to locate the best arrangements for their organizations. His group helps him in finishing complex business exchanges that range from offering property and organizations to exchanging business operations to relatives, for example, offspring of the principle entrepreneur. These operations are constantly muddled by reams of assessment codes and different regulations, so Paul Olsen Denver and his group need to sift through the greater part of the formality keeping in mind the end goal to locate the best esteem for their customers' organizations and help them close arrangements as fast as could be expected under the circumstances.

Paul Olsen has lived and worked in Denver since 1990. Throughout the years, he and his group have climbed in the neighborhood business world through his diligent work and devotion to helping the greater part of his customers succeed from the offer of their business that they have poured such an extensive amount their lives into. Olsen is the part proprietor of Company Broker Group, an organization that spotlights on purchasing and offering organizations for customers hoping to expand their quality and discover success. His specialization has climbed in the positions at Company Broker Group throughout the years, now just living up to expectations with customers whose organizations have gross yearly incomes of $1 million or more.

The more drawn out that Paul Olsen has lived in Denver, the more he now regard and respect the ambitious soul of the Mile High City. Maybe due to its long legacy of gold mineworkers and other little business explorers hoping to fabricate their fortune in the foothills of the Rock Mountains, or in view of its blasting regular gas and oil exchange, little entrepreneurs have rushed to Denver to profit by the rising populace and expanded financial chances of Denver in the course of recent years. Olsen says that the vitality of the city has changed and is presently an unmistakable feeling noticeable all around, with countless individuals all endeavoring to make their name in Denver.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Paul Olsen Denver Creating Value for Your Business

Paul Olsen Denver is a business broker living in Denver. As the city has expanded over the past ten years, he has seen his own business grow, helping many business leaders sell and transfer their holdings in their businesses for over 25 years.

As a small business owner, you have to know that one day you won’t be able to run your business anymore. When retirement age creeps up on you, and you don’t think you can pour all the hours into investing and reinvesting in your daily business operations, you should start thinking about how much you can get for your business on the market. This can be your retirement fund and the result of all of your hard work over the years running your business well past the normal three to five-year window that most small businesses fail to reach in the United States.

After all that hard work and investment, getting the most out of your business when you sell it should be your top priority. Getting a complete valuation of your business is the first step in finding a buyer for it. Many business professionals with experience buying and selling businesses in a particular industry or locale can help you find the best value for your business. Finding a value for your business can be a long process in and of itself. Business brokers can help you value your business in a way that allows you to make the most out of your sale and avoid the high taxation that comes with it. 

Monday, 27 July 2015

Paul Olsen Denver: Transferring your Business

Paul Olsen of Denver is a business broker with over 25 years of experience. His mission is always to find the best values for all of his clients and create constructive ways of passing businesses along to whoever the owner wants. Brokers can also help you prepare to sell your business in order to minimize taxes paid for the sale of your business and to maximize the selling price.

Most businesses in this country don’t make it past the infamous five-year mark. All small business owners have heard that the odds are stacked against them when they first start out. Listening to all the ways you could fail must get tiring after a while, but if you stuck it out, worked long days and long nights, invested and reinvested your own money into your business and made it work for ten, fifteen, twenty years or more, you have earned a payday. Getting that payday often involves selling your business once you have made it the profitable powerhouse that you have always wanted it to be.

Some business owners envision their children taking over their business when they’re ready. The problem with this is that many offspring don’t necessarily want to take over the family business. This can cause problems when you’re trying to transfer your business after a long career building your company in whatever industry you went into. Business Broker Paul Olsen Denver can help you sell or transfer your business to the right hands for the right price, ensuring that you get the price you deserve for pouring your life into a business for so long.

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