Friday, 14 August 2015

Company Broker Group: Skill and Professionalism

Every owner of a successful company will eventually be faced with deciding whether the time has come to sell the business. But selling a business is a discipline in and of itself; the selling process is filled with pitfalls.

So when the time to sell arrives, many business owners seek out the services of a business broker. And Craig Johnson, a business transaction attorney with nearly thirty years of experience, says that he has always been impressed by the skill and professionalism of Paul Olsen and the Company Broker Group.

"Paul Olsen is by far the best business broker I've ever come into contact with and have dealt with. Paul is one hundred percent capable. He's a professional from the word Go. He works a deal until it is completed and closed; he holds the line for the sales price for his sellers, and advocates every possible position for the people he represents to try to get the most out of the transaction for them as possible. Paul is one hundred percent honest. He returns his calls. He is attentive to his clients. He deals with other professionals, and the other parties in a very competent and professional way. And I could not recommend him more highly to sell a business."

Paul Olsen Denver is a veteran deal maker who over the last twenty years has assisted Colorado business owners in many areas of business, including selling them, tax strategies and transfers, business valuations, and building wealth within a company for when the time comes to sell. "However," he says, "since 2003 I have operated almost exclusively as a licensed business broker and mergers and acquisitions professional."
He understands that when a business owner finally makes that decision to sell, confidentiality is of the utmost importance. Keeping it under the wraps is important because news that a business in on the selling block can make employees nervous, and have negative reactions among customers suppliers, and creditors. It can also lead to aggressive reactions from competitors that could cause a decrease in the company's value, just as the seller needs it to be at its strongest.

Paul Olsen and Company Brokers Group counters this by using a private video of the company that spells out every aspect of the sale offering. This means that potential buyers can quickly and remotely become aware for the offering and how they may or may not be a good fit for the business, minimizing the chances of news of the sale being made public before the owner wants it to.

Company Broker Group has used these private videos for more than ten years now, and with great success. "Our videos are an excellent tool to show all the details of the transaction that [buyers] seek, and the upside potential of the business to a a few select buyers that we have reached out to confidentially. We are the only business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions firm in Colorado or the entire Rocky Mountain Region that we know of, that uses video to privately and quietly present a business sale to prospective buyers."

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