Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Paul Olsen from Denver - What Businesses Can Learn from Baseball

One of the many unwritten rules of baseball is that a manager always defends and supports his players. The reason managers go ballistic during baseball games over bad calls is because they have to step in and defend his player from the injustice of the umpire. As a business manager, you can learn much from baseball managers. Just like a manager, you have to be willing to go to bat for your players. You run the business and make the managerial decisions—the lineup card, so to speak—but they have to make it happen every day. Support them and they will work hard for you.

It’s easy to run a business if you have talented employees who work hard for you, just like winning is easy for a talented and motivated Major League Baseball team. Businesses get into trouble when they try to push their workers too hard and don’t give them the sense that they are respected by their superiors. When handling any kind of employee complaint or issue of any kind, remember to treat them with respect and kindness, and they will return the favor by producing for your business.

Paul Olsen has spent the last 25 years in Denver helping businesses run better. He and his associates at the Company Broker Group are always committed to moving businesses and helping them operate at maximum profitability. Olsen and the Company Broker Group operate throughout the greater Denver area, allowing many business owners to become more successful quicker.

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