Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Company Broker Group: Bringing the Whole Thing to Life

Company Broker Group is Colorado's premier brokerage for business sales in Denver. They have led hundreds of Colorado business owners get a clear understanding of the selling process, including how to maximize the value of the business so that they get as much money as possible from selling it.
"We are the only broker we know of that uses a private video of the company, detailing the entire offering, so that you do not have to meet with time-wasting tire-kickers and lookie-loos," says company owner Paul Olsen. Using video is known to create advantages that can't be found anywhere else, presenting a memorable and lasting connection. The Company Broker Group approach, he explains, "help a buyer quickly and remotely become aware of the offering, and how they may or may not be a good fit for the business."
Video has a way of bringing the whole thing to life. A lot of written copy becomes boring and stale, even to serious would-be buyers. Video content is much more memorable. Even worse is the on-site walk throughs that many other business brokers and mergers and acquisitions professionals use to show a business. "These dog and pony shows can be very taxing on your business, can consume an incredible amount of time, and often tip off your employees or customers or even suppliers that you are selling your business."
And that is what makes the use of video such a potent tool. "We use one comprehensive video that is completed in a detailed meeting, and then we are done collecting information," Paul Olsen says. "This completely avoids a parade coming through your office wanting to see your operation and how you run your business."
Shawn Hagerty, who owned Avante Telecom in Denver, believes the video produced by Company Broker Group lent a personal touch to the sale of his company that might not otherwise have been there. And he says his experiences with Paul Olsen Denver and CBG were nothing short of amazing. "Paul came in and told me exactly what he was doing [and] we agreed on a contract," he recalled. "He said it might take three or four months [to sell the business]. Actually, it got done in thirty days. I had fifteen to twenty people who were interested right off the bat ... a lot of the success is attributed to the fact that the video helped buyers get a good understanding of the company, and myself, as well."
One of the reasons it went so quickly was that only serious buyers were ever even made aware that Avante Telecom was up for sale. He didn't want to waste any time, because he still had a business to run. And to his great satisfaction, he ended up selling his business at twice the asking price.
Finding the perfect buyer for a business can be challenging or even impossible using traditional methods of meeting with potential buyers one at a time. The Company Broker Group method privately and quietly presents businesses for sale in the most effective and efficient way possible, and the company's success is powerful evidence that it works.

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